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"Mr. Asfend Yar Hamid explaining very good from static database to code first approach API development so it gives me a wing to fly high in the sky with this course. But this course is not for freshers, at least C# knowledge is require. This course is to easy to understand because I am also developer So I complete this course in 2 days. GREAT EXPLANATIONS WITH ATTACHED CODE NOTES. Thank you Asfend BHAI JAN"


"I have taken the restful api's course and right from the beginning to the end the instructor is very engaging and he literally care about the students questions and opinions.
No matter what day it is he reply back to you if you ask some question. The price of this course is very low and the quality and content of this course is excellent. Obviously without any kind of doubt, this is the best api development course at udemy.
I have taken many courses from some famous instructors but every course lacks something. The famous instructors are so busy that they didn't care about students opinions and they also never try to reply back. But this instructor is amazing. He's helping students and throughout this course he never let you down. "

Alex Ibara

"Instructor is direct with his teaching method. He doesn't waste your time. He's is very practical and explain all the necessary things. He really knows how to present the topic to all kind of audience. I've just started this course and I've learned so many things. I was always in a search of great course on mvvm topic and I want to say that this is the once I was looking from the couple of years."

Matthew Larson

"After completing my Software Engineering degree from one of the best university I didn't know to make api's and I was struggling with api's and I have searched a lot over the internet and wasted my money on some instructors that didn't know how to explain the topic to all kind of students including beginners as well. But then my friend has taken this class and told me about this class.
At the beginning I was like "This course is normal" but then i took this course and to be honest after watching just thirty minutes of the course I picked the momentum and suddenly my will power has been increase to pick the advanced and complex concepts. That's not possible without the help of this instructor. The accent of this instructor is very pleasant and his way of explaining the concepts is really awesome.
I've very thankful to this instructor for this best course of making api's"

Jay Doherty

"Super awesome. I have taken almost two dozen of online courses regarding api development and all the courses don't cover the important and core concepts of api development but this course has changed my life. The instructor has covered all the concepts of restful web api's and the nice thing is that he has developed a real time web api for vehicle selling application which is amazing.
Once you take the course then at any point if you stuck then ask from the instructor he's always ready to help. He always tries to answer the student questions as soon as possible.
Thanks for this course and keep up the good work Mr. Asfend. No one is like you."

Valentine Bryant

"Asfend is an amazing instructor.He always came up with some unique idea. In less than 4 and 5 hours he make 100 percent pure xamarin forms real world application.This was the result of asfend's teaching that finally I've completed my BS Computer Sciences degree and got a A plus grade in my final year degree project.
Love you Asfend because as a teacher you're very humble and always care your students. Now matter what time it is or what day it is you always help students and because of that you're my favorite teacher. I wish I met with you once in a life because the knowledge that I've learned from you is excellent and amazing.
Once again thanks for all the xamairn forms knowledge that you've given to your students like me."

Ibtihal Saliba

"This Real World App Devekopment course gives the excellent knowledge of how to make apps in xamarin forms. I got extensive knowledge on Xamarin via this course.
It's really impressive how deeply Asfend is explaining all the essential details of real world application. I highly recommend this course to any one who would like to make cross platform apps with xamarin forms.
Again many thanks for Asfend on his all the effort to deliver this course in this level of satisfactory."

Ying Yue

"I would recommend (Build Real World App Development Part 4) course to others who want to learn something new in Xamarin forms. Asfend is explaining in very nice way and easy language to understand the every points like Master Details Page, Media, Camera Activate permission, Caching the Images when it loads in the list view etc. After completing this course I will implement the login functionality and image cashing in my Android and IOS application. Thanks Asfend!"

Gopal Shah

"Asfend is the reason I get into xamarin forms.
He goes straight to practical application instead of getting bogged down by theory and that's a plus point . He's very talented and I like the way he presents everything with such a nice way.
I'm currently working on developing my own App with some great minds. Thank you Asfend for making this journey possible for me."

Sung Min

"I've taken few onsite and in campus xamairn bootcamps but to be honest this is the best. The instructor has made a beautiful fully functional cross platform application in less than 5 hours.
It's really a plus point because for me I'm a busy kinda person and in less than 5 hours I've learn so much from this course. Thank you so much instructor for making my life happier."

David Morgan